Secondhand Lions Questions

1. Put yourself in Walter shoes at the beginning of the movie. How would you feel about your mom? Would you believe her? Is the really trying to keep the family together? Is she coming back in a couple weeks/months?
I would not be very happy with her because it would seem like she doesn’t care about me. It would be hard to believe her because she is a liar; she’s not trying to keep the family together. I have a feeling that she wont be coming back anytime soon.
2. At the beginning of the movie it is evident that Walter doesn’t have a lot of self-esteem and isn’t overly happy with his life. How do we, the viewers, know this? (List two specific examples and explain)
I quickly noticed that Walter doesn’t smile a lot, that made me notice he isn’t very happy. Also Walter only speaks when he is spoken to, so he’s very quiet and he does not talk very much. He walks around with his head down quite often it makes him seem very sad and unhappy.
3. What happens in the movie to show the viewer that Walter is starting to build up his confidence and feel a sense of belonging? Explain how you know this.
Upon arriving at his Uncle’s he receives a letter from his mother. Walter doesn’t get through the whole letter as he stops and is clearly fed up with his mother’s lies. He grows more comfortable at his Uncle’s and begins to actually smile. Walter seems much more happier than before, he grows confidence. I noticed his confidence when he stands up to his uncles and convinced them to buy something from the salesman.

4. How does Walter help his uncles?
Walter helped his uncles have more fun with their life. Giving good advice on how to spend their money is another way he helped. Also he helped them with the garden. Instead of scaring off the next salesman, they start to enjoy things and it’s all thanks to Walter. He showed them that he actually cared about them for who they are and not their money.
5. How are Walter and the lion similar?
Jasmine and Walter were similar in the sense that they both began a life that they didn’t belong in. The lion was unwanted by the circus because she was old, and Walter was clearly unwanted by his mother as she just left him with his uncles. At the beginning both probably felt lost and not very happy but as the movie progressed so did the characters. By the end, Jasmine and Walter were feeling like they belonged and were truly happy.
6. At the end of the movie the writers use a double entendre to end the movie on a powerful note. What is a double entendre? How is it used in the movie? How does it allow the movie to have a powerful ending?
A double entendre is a figure of speech in which a spoken phrase is devised to be understood in either of two ways. Typically one of the interpretations is rather obvious whereas the other is more subtle. It is used in the end when Walter says,” Yeah. They really lived.” So the obvious interpretation is that yes they were real people and actually lived. The other way makes you think more but I feel is better. It is to be taken like they really lived! They did many things and lived a very fulfilled and adventurous life. The ending brings you back to the stories they told Walter and all the crazy things they did throughout their whole life. It just ties everything together because you know they enjoyed every bit of it.
7. Why do you think the movie is titled Secondhand Lion? Be sure to support your answer
I believe the movie is titled “Secondhand Lion” because both Jasmine and Walter were passed on to live with the crazy uncles. Walter and the lion are very similar characters, both left a home they didn’t like and built a new joyful life. Walter was left by his mother and had to stay with his uncles, the lion was taken from the circus and lived in the cornfield. Jasmine and Walter led a life they didn’t belong in and ended exactly right where they were meant to be.
8. How did being raised by his uncles impact the man Walter grew to be?
Walter grew up with an imagination and uncles that cared for and loved him. He learned to enjoy life and to make the most out of every second. I noticed that Walter grew more and more confident about himself the more he was with his uncles.
9. Walter is a dynamic character in that he changes and grows as the story progresses. Write a well-developed paragraph showing how Walter grows throughout the story.
At the beginning of the movie, Walter was left at his uncles by his mother, which had a really big affect on his life. At first he was shy and didn’t have very much self-esteem because he ever really smiled and was looking down a lot of the time. When he received a letter from his mother, he knew she was lying about where she was and she will always be a liar. He was smart enough to stop reading the letter. As Walter spent more and more time with his uncles, he learned to stand up for himself and to other people. His uncles told him stories about when they were younger. Those stories also gave Walter confidence, goals to look up to, and made him want to accomplish a lot like they did. When Walter grew up he became very successful and fulfilled a great life just like his uncles. Walter went to school and became a great cartoon artist, and by the end he was the only one left to inherit the money from his uncles.
10. What does Walter have in common with Leia from Fix Me?
Both Leia and Walter change throughout the story. Both were lost and not extremely happy, both turned to animals when they had nobody to talk to. Walter and Leia grew as characters, they matured to a point where they were nothing like the beginning of the story. Both of them grew more self-esteem to realize that they actually had something to look forward to.
11. What do the Lions offer Walter that the monkey offers Leia?
The animals offered them friendship when they had nothing. It let them realize that they could’ve had it worse and how lucky they are, Leia could have been a monkey and Walter could’ve been a lion.

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