“Warren Pryor” Poetry Analysis

“Warren Pryor” by: Alden Nowlan

Who is the speaker? To me the speaker would be anyone who reads the poem, but I think the poem is coming from a close friend or family member of Warren Pryor. This is mainly because they must know a lot about him and his family.

What is the point of view? I have reason to believe this poem was created by Nowlan to be read in 3rd person, as if Alden Nowlen was speaking about his friend.

What is the subject? I think the subject is progression.

What is the tone? The tone sounds very realistic and a bit serious, like it did not make me laugh one bit.

What is the mood? The mood of this poem makes me sad because after all the work his parents did for him, he is left unhappy.

What images are dominant? “They marveled how he wore a milk-white shirt.” It lets you know that the shirt is like a milk color.

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