Gender is our social and legal status as girls and boys, women and men.
Gender identity is how you feel about and express your gender.
Culture determines gender roles and what is masculine and feminine.

Gender beliefs are from other people. No one is born with gender beliefs just like no one is born racist. The media teaches people about these things.

Here are some of the most common Gender stereotypes.

Personality traits — For example, women are often expected to be passive and submissive, while men are usually expected to be self-confident and aggressive.
Domestic behaviors — For example, caring for children is often considered best done by women, while household repairs are often considered best done by men.
Occupations — For example, until very recently most nurses and secretaries were usually women, and most doctors and construction workers were usually men.
Physical appearance — For example, women are expected to be small and graceful, while men are expected to be tall and broad-shouldered.

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