Political Spectrum

Information From:http://www.studentnewsdaily.com/conservative-vs-liberal-beliefs/
Issue #1: Abortion – Liberal
Issue#2: Affirmative Actions – Conservative
Issue#3: Death Penalty – Conservative
Issue#4: Economy – Conservative
Issue#5: Education – Conservative
Issue#6: Embryonic Stem Cell Research – Liberal
Issue#7: Energy – Conservative
Issue#8: Euthanasia – Liberal
Issue#9: Global Warming – Conservative
Issue#10: Gun Control – Conservative
Issue#11: Healthcare – Conservative
Issue#12: Homeland Security – Conservative
Issue#13: Immigration – Conservative
Issue#14: Private Property – Conservative
Issue#15: Religion & Government – Liberal
Issue#16: Same-sex Marriage – Conservative
Issue#17: Social Security – Conservative
Issue#18: Taxes – Conservative
Issue#19: United Nations – Conservative
Issue#20: War on Terrorism – Conservative
Issue#21: Welfare – Conservative

I would say for the most part i am conservative and i would definitely vote for the conservative political party. It’s just easier this way and benefits everyone.

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